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The OmniHR Team

Who We Are

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Manuel Martinez

Founder & Owner

Manuel Martinez enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2013 as a Hospital  Corpsman and ended his service in 2021. While in the military; he climbed the ranks, taking on more responsibilities and leadership roles. 

He has more than 10 years of experience leading workplace safety, strengthening employer-team member relations, and dynamic team member development for some of the world's largest organizations including UPS and the United States Navy.

 Manuel's goal for OmniHR is simple, to connect highly qualified candidates with highly motivated companies. 

Manuel will never forget the impact of creating an excellent team in the military and will take those same ideals into every placement his company makes. Let's make a new dream team today.  

(618) 671-5545

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Jeannette Rivera

Lead Recruiter

With 20+ years of experience in HR & Operations Jeannette Rivera is a result driven leader who has shown to have an eye for Talent. Jeannette specializes in creating an exclusive work culture with the main focus on recruiting and employee retention. Having began her career in 2005 with Traylor Chemical Jeannette learned the importance of communication, and active listening. 

For the last 10 years Jeannette has lead the charge on recruiting quality candidates. Jeannette has 100% unemployment denial  rate. 

Having recruited, and trained over 500 employees in the last 20+ years, "I am ready to use my expertise and networking skills to bring you your next placement/home."

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