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Relax because OmniHR will hold the fort!
Focus on growing your business, we can handle the rest!

OmniHR is very different from HR Consulting Agencies, HRIS Companies, and Recruiting Agencies. We don't tell you what to do, we do it for you! Due to the different type of company we are we get a few common questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes OmniHR different?

Unlike many other HR companies that offer services like providing recommendations or provide one or two functions of HR, OmniHR provides a Full Spectrum of HR Services. It is completely done for you.


What kind of company can use our services?

All organizations can utilize the benefits of an HR Department. Usually around 50 employees is when you want to truly begin structuring your HR Department. OmniHR can assist with the startup as we can provide an HR infrastructure so that you do not have to start from zero. 

Companies that have a fully developed HR Department may have some growing pains and they can also utilize our services. If your organization is struggling with any of the 7 core functions of HR then we can be of service. 


What is the size of a standard HR Department?

Every organization is different, but there are similarities in what personnel are needed in a fully functioning HR Department. In a nutshell, you need your HR team to perform the 7 core functions of HR. However you structure your team is less important than the outcome. 

The size of the company will affect the size of the HR Department:


Small Company 

HR Leader (HR Director)

HR Operators (HR Business Partner / HR Generalist)

HR Specialties (Recruiter, Employee Benefits Rep, Payroll, Training & Development Rep)

Mid/Large Companies

HR Org Leader (VP of HR or CHRO)

HR Department Leader (HR Director)

HR Team Leader (HR Manager)

HR Operators (HR Business Partner / HR Generalist)

HR Specialties (Recruiting team, Employee Benefits Manager, Payroll Department, Training & Development Manager)


How do we price our services?

There are a few factors that are accounted in the pricing including the size of the client company and the services needed. Currently our two offers are the Full Spectrum HR Package which covers the 7 core functions of HR but we also offer a unique plan that only includes the core functions your organization needs the most.


What are the 7 Core Functions of HR?

The 7 Core Functions of HR include:

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Training & Development

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Relations 

  • Employment Law & Compliance

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Administration, Payroll & HR Systems


What is the budget of a standard HR Department?

Pricing for personnel depends on a lot of factors including location and size of the company. Here is just an idea for budgeting an HR Department.

Small/Mid Company 

  • HR Director - $180k

  • Payroll Manager - $115k

  • HR Business Partner - $85k

  • HR Training Coordinator - $67k

  • HR Generalist - $65k

  • Employee Benefits Specialist - $65k

  • Recruiter - $55k

= $632,000

Mid/Large Companies

  • Chief HR Officer - $339k

  • HR Director - $180k

  • HR Manager - $117k

  • HR Business Partner - $85k

  • HR Generalist - $65k

  • Employee Benefits Manager - $80k

  • Training & Development Manager - $132k

  • Recruiting Team 

    • Recruiting Manager - $125k​

    • Recruiter - $55k

    • Recruiting Coordinator - $53k

  •  Payroll Department

    • Payroll Director​ - $155k

    • Audit Manager - $137k

    • Payroll Manager - $116k

    • Payroll Accountant - $71k

= $1,710,000

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.

Lawrence Bossidy

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